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let's get grazy

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Why you're probably here...

Our ELEVATED Grazing tables
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Best for group celebrations, milestones, corporate events, weddings & get togethers.

Our grazing CHARCUTERIE platters

Best for intimate gatherings, gifting, virtual events, holiday entertaining.

Client relationships are like premium cheese – best served with care, aged to perfection, and leaving an unforgettable taste.
Here are some of our favs,


we do

create unforgettable cheese & charcuterie experiences that impress no matter the occasion


we do it

with unique design approaches, delicious high quality ingredients and most importantly, love


wE do it

because you shouldn't have to (and of course, food should never be boring)

we truly give a damn.

We work hard to ensure that everyone can eat, enjoy & laugh together, especially you. 


We take extra measures to ensure our grazing & charcuterie boards, boxes, & tables not only taste delicious but also elevating your experience. Options for all, leaves your loved ones feeling included, satisfied, & impressed! 

All our offerings are fun, tailored and unique -- no grazing table is alike, and our charcuterie boards & boxes have been carefully curated to please everyone.


Trust us to bring your vision to life.

We'll knock everyone's socks off!

verb- casually sample something
synonyms: eat, snack, nibble, browse
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