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grazing tables

Why settle for ordinary when you can savour the extraordinary?


Are you tired of the same old catering routine?

You need a grazing table.

Ready to transform your gathering into a sensory spectacle? 

You need a grazing table.

Hosting a soirée & wondering how to impress your guests effortlessly?

You NEED a grazing table!


An abundant display of artisanal cheeses, succulent cured meats, and vibrant fresh fruits, all meticulously arranged in a visual feast that screams opulence. Our tables are designed with the

most elegant platters & dishes acting as perfect cheese & charcuterie vehicles, none of which you have

to dig up from the basement or the hard to reach cupboards.

No fridge tetris, no grocery lists, and no shopping to feed your guests – just hire us!


Elevate your event effortlessly with our Grazing Tables – the antidote to hosting headaches. 


Now, close your eyes and imagine the delight on your guests' faces as they indulge in this edible masterpiece. Let us curate a grazing table that's as unique as your event, with

no fuss, no mess & no stress. 


Connect with us, and let's create memories that linger on taste buds and in hearts. 



Clients are to provide suitable surface.

We offer different menu tiers to suit your needs.

Due to the food volume necessary to achieve our unique grazing table style,

our minimum guest count is 35 guests, or minimum spend of $1,200 + HST.

For less guests or smaller budgets, we have alternative options like our grazing platters, and styled grazing platters. Take a look at our Party Bundle or we can recommend a custom platter bundle to suit your needs, please inquiry about this option.

To best recommend our grazing table services & accommodate availability,


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