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Sisterhood and Savouries: A Journey into our Grazing Business

Talia (left) & Bianca (right) after their legendary set up at the Mad Hot Gala 2023

Welcome to the flavour-filled world of grazing tables where my sister, Bianca, and I, Talia, two dynamic sisters in our early 30s, are not just business partners but culinary comrades on a mission to sprinkle a little more joy onto Toronto's party catering scene. Why? Because picture a blend of mouthwatering cheeses & sandwiches, a carnival of colours from fresh fruits & crudites, and an array of cured deli delights artfully arranged—a feast for the eyes and the taste buds, without you lifting a finger. But behind these delectable offerings lies a story of sisterhood that's as rich as our cheese selections.

Working with your sister isn't just about shared business goals; it's about navigating the wild world of entrepreneurship with your partner-in-crime, and occasionally, your partner-in-snacks. Our office banter often revolves around the eternal debate of sweet vs. savoury, and our brainstorming sessions usually involve a generous supply of coffee and laughter.

It's not all aprons and artisanal cheeses; we share the same love of putting beautiful creations together, but art isn’t what keeps a business in business. We've faced our fair share of challenges. Mishaps like forgetting ingredients, ending up at the wrong event address, or delivering wrong items to clients have happened. We aren’t perfect, but we have learned so much over the last 5 years. These moments have become the ingredients of our resilience, making us laugh in the face of adversity and savour every cheesy victory.

For those considering the unique venture of working with family, here are our quirky tips and tricks for maintaining a balance between business and banter. 

  1. Don’t have difficult conversations hungry - it never ends well. 

  2. Always take responsibility when you’ve dropped the ball, and apologize by bringing over a new cheese to try.

  3. Say please & thank you, you’d be surprised how much it is appreciated especially during high stress moments. 

  4. Make sure to not let the business consume all of your time together. Family comes first, be sure to hold that relationship sacred. 

  5. Balance is key - while one of you is having a bad day, the other should be able to keep you on track and focus on the good & great and vice versa.

  6. Figure out what each person is good at, and own that task, process, job, etc. You’ll be way more productive and enjoy playing on each other’s strengths.

  7. Drop your EGO! 

  8. Open & honest communication is key - you must always be on the same page for it to work.

Our journey as grazing table entrepreneurs has been a rollercoaster of experiences – from the sublime taste of success to the comical mishaps that keep us grounded. We've learned that the secret ingredient to working with family is a dash of humour, a full cheese wheel of understanding, and a generous pour of perseverance.

As we continue this journey, we encourage fellow entrepreneurs, especially those navigating the familial terrain, to embrace the imperfect, celebrate the victories (cheesy or not), and savour the unique blend of flavours that sisterhood and entrepreneurship bring to the table. After all, the key is not just in the taste but in the shared experience that turns every challenge into a delectable triumph.

Cheers to family, fun, and the countless platters of joy yet to be created!

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